[Switch][News] Leaked 5.0 Firmware Containing: Twitch/Youtube apps, Folders & Party Chat - Confirmed Fake by Creator on Twitter Post

A bit ago a video of a supposed leaked switch firmware surfaced on Twitter.

Very quickly the community was split, some users saw things they wish the Switch always had, and were dismissive of the naysayers.

Meanwhile the other half of the community tore apart and scrutinized every piece of the home menu within the video, to prove it was false.

A Wide range of problems was found with the Supposed 5.0 Firmware, from;

- Inconsistencies between the Fonts, where a different "g" was used in The Legend of Zelda BOTW.

- Old Youtube Logos being used

or even

- The Storage of the Device showing too much free space for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to Be Installed

The most obvious one to me was the Internet Browser. After the 3DS and WiiU Browser Hacking fiasco I don't think Nintendo would simply give the Hackers a Browser to work with on a newer Firmware.

Well after a few days the Creator of the Video finnally confessed to creating this Viral Hit, also wishing that Nintendo would add the Things in the Video.

Now that the video has gone viral on many different places, there's no doubt Nintendo has seen it and is stealing possible ideas for the future of the Switch.