[3DS][PSA] Today Luma Updater, Multiupdater & TitleDB in FBI will Cease to Function - Github Revokes Https Support

After being delayed 21 days from the original announcement(Feb 1st), Github is supposed to revoke the https support for the 3DS, which will stop a lot of downloads from titleDB from working.

They did a quick test day not long ago where they shut the service off. Not much was noticed by the community but a few threads on reddit and gbatemp appeared. 

Plutoo a known Homebrew dev, had this to say about one of this exploits ceasing function on the "test day"

Most Homebrew programs are uploaded to the "release" feature of Github as a "CIA" - which FBI then accesses through TitleDB and installs the CIA.

So in short after today, most of the homebrew apps uploaded as a CIA will stop being able to be accessed.

- Downloading the CIA on your PC and putting it on your 3DS SD card will still function properly!

If you want more information checkout this reddit post

What will Still work?: https://redd.it/7uem9t


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