Nintendo Switches Latest Firmware Update - Version 4.0.0 - Removes All Code for Triggering NES Golf Emulator - "Flog" - Whats Nintendo Up to?

Image of Flog Running on a Switch with 2 Player Joy Con Controls

If you guys recall a few months after the Nintendo Switch was Released, This image of the NES game "Golf" Appeared on someones Switch after accidentally triggering it with a Joy-con Gesture.

Not only was this an epic, unexpected and still unexplained Easter Egg put into the Switches Code, but it also had 2 Player Joy-con Support Built in.

The Emulator can only work on an Unused Fresh Console, The Date and Time must be Set to July 11th, the Date of Iwata's Death.

"Some sort of Tribute to him," is all the hackers can speculate, especially without any official word from Nintendo yet.

Reggie: Head of NOA - Said that they wouldn't be explaining the emulator any time soon and that he was a little discouraged that the Hackers found it so quickly while "poking around in the firmware"

Flash Forward to December 2017, a New Firmware for the Switch is released, Version 4.0.0, and in this version, ALL MENTION OF FLOG IS GONE!

What Could Nintendo Be Up too? Did the early discovery turn them off of whatever grandiose plan they had for the Golf Game?

Can't wait to see what's in store.

What do you guys think? Whats Nintendos Plan here