[Mobile][News] Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Released 1 Day Early on Google Play Store or IOS App Store! - But w/ Server Connection Issues (802-XXXX) First Impressions

Earlier Yesterday Isabelle posted on Twitter that Nintendo's new Mobile Installment of Animal Crossing would be released in 2 days...Well its been 1 Day an the App is already available on the Google Play store & the IOS App Store.

The Game is Fully Playable as is, but there is some Massive Server Issues - where you have to mash the retry button 100 times before it will finally connect to the Servers.

These Error codes Always Start with:

- "802" Followed by 4 random numbers that seem to interchange with no meaning

 I am hoping there will be a quick fix to these issues as tons of players are already reporting multiple error codes that seemingly don't mean anything.

You can Link an existing Nintendo Account to the Game, and it will save your progress in "the Cloud"

This means you don't have to worry about saving, and you can access your game on multiple devices, without losing or gaining progress on one device or another

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has been available "Down Under" (Australia) for almost a month; and it seems like Nintendo was pulling another "Pokemon GO" Test, which was also released early in Aus, allowing it to be the Testing grounds before the game was released world wide.

First Impressions - How to Get Running:

It seems once you get past the Communication Errors, you can finally progress to a point where you Download an Update, its around 80-90 mbs, after downloading you should be able to

- Link a Nintendo ID

- Talk to K.K. Slider about what kind of a Hypothetical Life you'd want to live on a campground; hell ask if you wanted to explore nature, do somethiing cute, sporty, or just chill out

 (you'll see these 4 choices again soon) I assume this will effect how your character will look slightly; but there are lots of customization options up ahead so I'm really not sure.

- Next Create a Villager

- Choose a Name for your villager (Isabelle will ask how to pronounce your name)

- Choose what kind of Campground you want.

There are 4 Choices of Campsites and this will effect What sort of furniture you'll see, as well as decide which of the four villagers you will come into contact with first.

Natural: Goldie

Cute: Rosie

Sporty: Jay

Cool: Apollo

After selecting a Villager/Campsite, you will be instructed to go meet the Animal associated with your Campsite Style, and do a few chores for them.

As you can see I select the Sporty Camp - Jay & I are gonna get jacked together

You will be asked for fruit for the first two missions, and as a reward you will gain materials for building Furniture with Cyrus.

It seems the whole purpose of this game is to build custom furniture with Cyrus using the Materials you Gather from Animals Villagers. Pretty cool!

The Game runs super smoothly on my older android phone, and feels VERY intuitive with the touchscreen controls (very similar feel to suing the wiimote to point and click in Animal Crossing City Folk or the touch screen on the more recent iterations Ie: New Leaf

But...I don't want to spoil too much right off the bat so head over to the Play Store and grab it!