[Gaming][News] Pokemon Bank & Poke Transporter have an Update to Support the New PKMN Games (Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, Silver & Gold VC)

Nintendo Recently stated that Pokemon Bank would be getting an update to support the new "Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Games" in Late November.

Well as of an hour ago (Nov. 19th @ 10pm EST ) Pokemon Bank & Poke Transporter received a very significant update allowing just that.

You can now Transfer your Mons from Any Game on the 3DS

CFW users could already do this for along time using PKhex and PKSM (download below)

► PKSM: http://bit.ly/2zV41xc

► PKHex: http://bit.ly/2j1RTm6

But not the mainstream 3DS users can easily do it as well.

Its great to see Nintendo supporting the 3DS so Late into 2017, with an Epic Pokemon Release, and continual Poke Bank Support. 

I believe the 3DS is going to hold a Place in the "Nintendo Elite Handhelds" category for a long time to come right there next to the Nintendo Switch.

If you guys want a Tutorial on how to Use PKSM and PKhex to get pokemon from:

- Physical Gameboy/GBC Carts
- DS Games
3DS Games
- VC Games and More;

then Follow me over on Twitter @gameincanada & send me a Tweet Saying so!