[3DS][News] "Pokemon Ultra Moon CIA" leaked 10 days early Again - Another Banwave Incomming? + Datamining & Spoilers begin on Twitter

Pokemon fans have been quite adamant about avoiding spoilers for the new installments in the series, but that hasn't stopped dataminers from collecting all they can and definitely hasnt stopped Nintendo from releasing Spoiler after Spoiler!

How to Download & Safely Play:
ULTRA MOON CIA Early Without getting Banned: 

If you're trying to avoid spoilers until the official release date of US/UM then youll definitely want to stay off of Reddit/r/pokemon

Hacker/Dataminer @SciresM over on twitter is dropping post after post, documenting changes and new features/ pokemon in US/UM.

Review copies of the new game were sent out a few days ago to select Youtubers/Review blogs,  with a Legit ripped CIA appearing on the internet just hours ago!

The exact same thing happened last year regarding the first iterations of the Games.

This all after Nintendo Recently said they were going to Limit Review Copies because of the reviewers leaking CIAs early.

(read more about that here: https://nintendosoup.com/nintendo-america-restricts-review-copies-game-leaks/)

Nintendo Also Conducted a MASSIVE BANWAVE after the first Leaked SU/MO CIA's were Taken online Last Year.

During this Banwave more then 10 000 CFW 3DS users were Banned and even some Homebrew Users didn't Fair Well 

Hopefully Not much Happens This Time Around

How to Safely Play ULTRA MOON Without getting Banned Here: https://gameincanada.blogspot.com/2017/11/3dstutorial-how-to-download-run-pokemon.html


Do you think Nintendo will ever be able to stop Leaks from happening?
Or with the death of the 3DS soon approaching and the Switch Currently "unhackable-ish";
- Will the leaks stop just simply because its not possible?

Let me Know what you guys think over on Twitter @gameincanada 

- Do you have the Game Early?
- Do you think leaks will stop?
- What game are you playing Lately?


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