WiiU][Tutorial][#9] How to Inject Wii ISO's & wbfs Game Rips - into Wii U Virtual Console Games PT3

Part 3 - Installing WiiVC Games with WUP Installer GX2

*You should now have a Wii Game Converted into an Install-able Folder - Inside your WiiVC Injector Script Folder (I have been using MK Wii as an Example)

  • Insert Your WiiU's SD Card into the Computer
  • Create an "install" Folder on the Root of the SD Card (if not present already)
  • Copy the Entire Game Folder to the "install" Folder

  • Safely Eject your SD Card from the Computer
  • Reinsert the SD Card into your WiiU
  • Power on your WiiU

  • Open Haxchi CFW or Mocha CFW (enable CFW)
  • Open WUP Installer GX2

  • Select(tap) the WiiVC Games you Copied to the "install" Folder
  • Tap Install

- Tap Yes

  • Install the Games to USB 

(you can install to Nand but if it fails you'll lose Storage Space on the WiiU)

You can move the Games to NAND after Installation - Using Data Management in System Settings

*Wait a Bit

  • Tap Ok 
  • Hit Home to Return to Homebrew Launcher
  • Hit Home to Return to Mii Maker
  • Tap Exit to Return to the WiiU Home Menu

You Should Now have some Custom WiiVC Games on your WiiU Home Menu!

 When trying to Launch a Game compatible with the Classic Controller, You'll be greeted by this Message:

Click Yes Obviously!
 MKWii Custom Boot Logo/Icons by victormr21: