WiiU][Tutorial][#9] How to Inject Wii ISO's & wbfs Game Rips - into Wii U Virtual Console Games PT2

Part 2 - Injecting Wii ISO's Into VC

- Open WiiVC Injector Script

A Command Window will Open & Ask you for a Specific Game Title Key

  • Go to Google.com
  • Search for "Wii U title Keys Website"

- Click the First Result
- Search for the Game the Script Asked for
- Copy the Title Key Number

- Paste the Title Key Number into the WiiVC Script Command Window (cntrl+V)

Hit Enter

The Script Will then ask you for the Wii U Common Key

- Fire Up Google.com

- Go get it from Pastebin (click the first Result)

- Copy and Paste it into the Command Window 

- Hit Enter

The Script Will Ask you for:

- The Game Name (Type it and hit Enter)
- The Publisher Name (Type it and hit Enter)
- If your want to use the Gamepad as a Classic Controller ('Y' or 'n' if compatible Game)

- If you want to Specify a Title ID Manually (just type 'n' and let the script do it)

- Hit Enter & Begin the Conversion to a Virtual Console Game!


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