[WiiU][Tutorial][#9] How to Inject Wii ISO's & wbfs Game Rips - into Wii U Virtual Console Games - You Can Install With WUPInstaller GX2!

This Tutorial is a Written Version of This Video:

Created for this GBATemp Thread: "WiiVC Injector Script"

What Following this Tutorial will let you Accomplish: 
  • Inject Wii ISO's or WBFS Rips Into Virtual Console Games (install-able with WUPInstaller)
  • Play "Classic Controller" Compatible Wii Games with the Wii U Gamepad
Classic Controller Compatible Game List here: http://bit.ly/2xzWAx9

What you Need to Get Started:
  • A Wii Game Rip in .ISO or .wbfs Format (must use WiiVC 1.0.5beta for wbfs Support)
  • Banners & Icons for your Wii Game:
GBATemp Banner/Icon Thread: http://bit.ly/2eXjkfm
  • The WiiVC Injector Script:
 v1.0.4 ISO Only Version: http://bit.ly/2h4oM0u
 v1.0.5b with WBFS Support: http://bit.ly/2eWjbZm

Part 1: WiiVC Script Setup & Placing Games/Icons/Banners in "SOURCE_FILES"

- Download WiiVC Script
- Right Click & Use 7-Zip to Extract to its own Folder

This will give you a WiiVC Script Folder
(You can Delete the Zip if you want)

- Open the new WiiVC Script Folder 

it should look like this!
- Rename Your Wii Game to "game.iso" or game.wbfs"

- Put the Renamed Game into "SOURCE_FILES"

- Obtain Banner/Icon Art from the GBAtemp Thread

- (unzip the picture files if need be)

- Place the Banner & Icon Files into "SOURCE_FILES"