[3DS][News][Tutorial] Anemone "Anemone - 3DS Theme Manager" - First Look - Can it Dethrone Themely? - Kill CHMM2?

Recently a New Theme Manager for the Nintendo 3DS appeared on the homebrew scene.

 It may or may not work on Homebrew at the moment,
(it should but the payloads might not allow it to boot on 11.5 userland)
but is quickly making a name for itself with CFW users

Right off the bat, forums goers were quickly speculating, that with a few updates, this could be the theme manager to De-throne Themely & Kill off CHMM2 once and for all. 

The Creator of Anemone is none other then dev "astronautlevel", currently known for one of the Rosalina-less Luma 3DS CFW projects. 

(I use these builds everyday dual booted with the normal 8.1.1)
Check that project out here: https://astronautlevel2.github.io/Luma3DS/

Anemone Screenshots: 


As you can see from the screen shots, it has a fairly simple and clean User Interface.

I think it has a lot of potential to become "prettier" in the future (like themely being "beautiful") but I really do enjoy it perfectly as it currently is.

It functions fine and I haven't had any Issues yet!


You can Install it from the QR Code using FBI
- Open FBI
- Remote Install
- Scan from QR Code
- Exit FBI & Unwrap Gift


Install on Homebrew/Rosalina Homebrew
- Download the anemone.3dsx 
- Place it in the /3ds/ Folder on your SD Card
- Load with Homebrew

How to Download Themes with QR Codes:

With today's Release, which you can download here: Latest Release

You can now "Press the R button" while in Anemone to bring up the QR Code Scanner
- Go to ThemePlaza.eu on your PC
- Find a Theme you Like
- Hover your mouse over the Theme (a QR Code will Appear)

- Press the R button (your 3DS will bring up the Camera)
- Scan QR Code on Theme Plaza with 3DS Camera

- Wait for Download (3ds might appear to Freeze while downloading)
- Repeat for more Themes

How To Enable Theme Shuffle:

You can enable 2-10 themes with theme shuffle so every time you reload the home menu it will be a different theme and background music.

- Select your Themes by Pressing B on them individually
- After Selecting your Themes a Shuffle icon will appear next to the ones you chose

- Press Select (-) on Each theme you chose (top 3DS screen will say "Installing a shuffle theme...")

- After pressing Select on each Shuffle theme and installing them, Hit Home and Exit Anemone


Already in just a few days I think Anemone has the Potential to Be the Best Theme Manager out there, and with the Splash screen support, its already Boasting more features then King Themely. 

Although I think it comes up short in the looks department, and still could use more features, we are soon to be singing the praises of King Anemone - while a near silent "themely who" rings out in the crowd.

Much Love Everyone Peace!


You can Donate to Support the Channel below
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Anemone Screenshots Taken by Me
Anemone Logo by astronautlevel
Themes & Themeplaza Screenshot from Themeplaze.eu (taken by me)
astronautlevel Headshot from GBATemp.net

Game In Canada Is not Affiliated with Themely, GbaTemp, Anemone, or Themeplaza.eu


  1. can you install 2 different themes and then change them from home settings or do you have to go back into the app you change the themes?

  2. Sorry if this is a stupid question but how do you delete these? I've tried installing a splash but it comes up as a theme and I don't know how to delete


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