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[3DS][PSA] Nintendo Releases 11.6 Update - Is it safe to Update with Custom firmware? is it safe to Update with Homebrew? + Flipnote Studio 3DS Gets eShop Update

This Article is a Written Version of this Video:

Today Nintendo Released an update to the Nintendo 3DS Line of Handheld video game systems.

Heres Nintendo Official Statement:

The 11.6 update was noticed 3 hours (5pm EST) before release (8pm) by Yellows8Bot's Twitter account which you can see here:
Sysupdate detected for Old3DS: — ylws8bot (@ylws8bot) September 19, 2017
Sysupdate detected for New3DS: — ylws8bot (@ylws8bot) September 19, 2017
Currently this is what is known about the 11.6 Update & how it Effects Luma 3DS Users:

As you can see nothing is Really affected by this 11.6 update

IF you are on 11.5 with Homebrew or CFW you are SAFE TO UPDATE BUT I DON'T RECOMMEND IT YET!
Nothing will happen to your homebrew or CFW but not everything is known about this update yet!
Keep an eye on these Threads to learn more:

Flipnote Studio…

[WiiU][Tutorial][#9] How to Inject Wii ISO's & wbfs Game Rips - into Wii U Virtual Console Games - You Can Install With WUPInstaller GX2!

This Tutorial is a Written Version of This Video:

Created for this GBATemp Thread: "WiiVC Injector Script"

What Following this Tutorial will let you Accomplish: 
Inject Wii ISO's or WBFS Rips Into Virtual Console Games (install-able with WUPInstaller)Play "Classic Controller" Compatible Wii Games withthe Wii U GamepadClassic Controller Compatible Game List here:

WiiU][Tutorial][#9] How to Inject Wii ISO's & wbfs Game Rips - into Wii U Virtual Console Games PT2

Part 2 - Injecting Wii ISO's Into VC

WiiU][Tutorial][#9] How to Inject Wii ISO's & wbfs Game Rips - into Wii U Virtual Console Games PT3

Part 3 - Installing WiiVC Games with WUP Installer GX2

[3DS][News][Tutorial] Anemone "Anemone - 3DS Theme Manager" - First Look - Can it Dethrone Themely? - Kill CHMM2?

Recently a New Theme Manager for the Nintendo 3DS appeared on the homebrew scene.

 It may or may not work on Homebrew at the moment,
(it should but the payloads might not allow it to boot on 11.5 userland)
but is quickly making a name for itself with CFW users
Right off the bat, forums goers were quickly speculating, that with a few updates,this could be the theme manager to De-throne Themely& Kill off CHMM2 once and for all. 

The Creator of Anemone is none other then dev "astronautlevel", currently known for one of the Rosalina-lessLuma 3DS CFW projects. 
(I use these builds everyday dual booted with the normal 8.1.1) Check that project out here:

Anemone Screenshots: 

As you can see from the screen shots, it has a fairly simple and clean User Interface.

I think it has a lot of potential to become "prettier" in the future (like themely being "beautiful") but I really do enjoy it perfectly as it currently is.