[3DS][News] Smea Released 11.4 & 11.5 Payloads for o3DS & 2DS - and RPGHax is almost ready to download!

Today is a some big news for 2DS and old 3DS users, as smea as now released the 11.4 and 11.5 homebrew launcher payloads.

This release perfectly coincides with mrnbayoh's release of RPGhax which should be coming soon! (the next day or two)

RPGHax is a Primary entrypoint which means you only need 1 stock 3DS to get it!

other Primary Entry points for 11.5 Include:

  • Ninjhax
  • Freakyhax

Some Seconday Entry points are:

  • Oothax
  • Basehax

You can get the New Payloads here:

Make sure to Download RPG FES Player for FREE from the eShop to Prepare you for RPGhax!