[3DS][News][Release] Luma3DS v8.0 - Introducing "InputRedirect Support" (now with C-STICK!) - Homebrew Launcher Support (no payloads) - Built In "NTR Like" Menu Dubbed "Rosalina"

Luma 3DS was just updated to go along with boot9strap v1.2 - there isn't a ton of technical features worth mentioning, but many new things implemented for the Daily User. Such as:

  • Built In Input Redirection Support - just from having Luma Running - no more InputProc.cia

The amazing thing about this is that InputRedirectionClient now support C-STICK Functionality as well as the Extra ZR and ZL Buttons (this new feature only works on new3DS)

There is also:

  • Built in Home 
  • Built in Power Button 

Both implemented into the User Interface!
Pretty cool stuff we are now on the verge of fully controlling the 3DS with a Xinput Controller!

New InputRedirectionClient

The Homebrew Launcher No Longer Requires payloads to run!
Hopefully no more waiting for payloads to drop! (not that we aren't grateful to smealum - payloads will still be needed for non-cfw users)

Holding Down+Select+ L will load an NTR style menu - where you can:

  • Checkout Running Proccesses
  • View running Patches (layered FS)
  • Take a Screenshot
  • Enabled Disable Clock+L2 on the fly (new3ds only)

I'll Have a Guide how to update Soon!

View the Full Release notes here:

UPDATE: Plailect updated the Guide for updating: