[3DS][News][08-27-2017] As suspected "arm9 and kernal 11 exploits" are still abundant on 11.4 - Smea Tweets "Waiting for Tendy to Stop Supporting the 3DS" - Does this mean Years until Softmodding 11.4? Twitter A-blaze

Yesterday Smea confirmed in a Tweet - what we thought was true all along - that devs were holding out on Releasing kernal exploits for Nintendo 3DS' on 11.4 Firmware.

This might come as a suprise to some, but much speculation was done regarding when a new exploit would be released for 11.4.
  • Some thought maybe an 11.5 update would accompany the new2dsxl, but the device has  since been released in Australia & New Zealand for almost a month now & its confirmed to be on 11.4.0
This gave us a little sigh of relief as DSiwarehax and ntrboothax still work on the n2dsxl 

- meaning that we will always be able to CFW those devices in those aspects (until dsiware isn't available)

Shortly after this news of dsiware and ntrboothax not being patched on 2dsxl, Nintendo released this statement- 

(original article by ign.com) View it here: IGN ARTICLE

I can only assume this statement has scared the devs away from releasing anything too soon, as it might be the next target to get patched on an Upcoming 11.5 or even 11.6 update from Nintendo

Check the latest firmware released by Nintendo here, before anywhere else: http://www.n3ds.info

Although it is a scary thought, that one day the 3DS wont be like the WiiU or the Wii- able to be softmodded super easily- like it was so easily just mere months ago.

- It is this scary thought that leads me to believe that the best decision is to hold off on releasing these exploits. it would be an absolute shame to lose them in the short future (like with 11.2 and 11.3)

Another part of me says maybe nintendo already knows of some of these exploits and will patch them anyways on upcoming firmware releases, making this whole point of holding out on release of exploits null and void.

Also this apprehension to releases hax in fear of patching also leads me to believe the exploit well is running dry for the 3DS (mere speculation and I am prepared to put my foot in my mouth)

One last note, although nedwill tweeted about waiting for the EOL - when he heard Tendy was planning on Supporting the 3DS well into 2018 he tweeted this.. (maybe meaning that waiting just isn't worth it, even if eventually losing soundhax2)