[3DS][PSA] Nintendo Banning CFW Users - Started Monday - No Known Reason - Speculation says Save File Hacking - Update* Turn off Spotpass it might be the culprit!*

Not a ton of information right now other then mass 3ds and 2ds users, who have custom firmware, are reporting being banned from online.
These reports seemingly began today on May 24th - but some users report they were banned as far back as Monday the 22nd, 2017

The error code is: 002-0102

This is happening to Arm9loaderhax and Boot9strap Users.

If you're on boot9strap or Luma without a9lh or emunand and got banned - DO NOT USE THE "FRIENDCODESEED" INJECTION TO FIX

You will likely brick your system

The following is copied from this gbatemp thread:

"Edit 1: it appears that e-Shop access isn't restricted if you are banned.

Edit 2: A caller to Nintendo reported that the company said this ban is due to "unauthorized software usage".

Edit 3: @LinkSoraZelda is collecting info. Contact him if you are banned.

Edit 4: Click and fill this out if you were BANNED.

A call to a Nintendo Tech Support yielded a "you played a hacked game, or unauthorized software or modified software online. You can't ask for this ban to be undone

Update: Seems Spotpass might somehow be the culprit maybe letting nintendo see what homebrew you've been playing such as FBI. Make sure to - SHUTOFF SPOTPASS!

I'll bring you more info when I can.