[3DS][PSA] How to Update from "arm9loaderhax" to "boot9strap" for Luma3DS CFW Users - Get Luma v7.1 + sighax | A9LH No Longer Supported by Luma

With the release of sighax and complete exploitation of the Nintendo 3DS achieved, all that's left to do is sit back and wait for the new Software releases!

We have no idea what the future holds now that every nook and cranny of the 3DS can be looked at and accessed:

- Full speed/Impossible before emulators? 
- Apps that do who knows what?
- What will Homebrew Games with full access to hardware be like?
- Is Cyanogen3DS going to make a Comeback?

Will we see the first Full Custom Firmware on the 3DS?

In the meantime, lets make sure the Custom Firmware we do have is Up to Date and Compatible with some, "Go to Apps" ie:

-   Godmode9 which is now only compatible with Boot9Strap

The New payload files read by Luma3DS are ".firm" and not ".bin"
Therefore all future releases (and current Luma3DS v7.1) are not compatible with Arm9LoaderHax.

 - we need to replace it with SigHax and boot9strap

Head over to "The Guide" and follow the Instructions Plailect has made for "Updating to boot9strap" here:


If you are a Visual Person Checkout my How to Video while reading The Guide!

You should now be prepared for all future payload releases!