[3DS][News][PSA] Custom Firmware Now Possible on any 3DS/2DS/o3DS - Thanks to SigHax - Bootrom Release Provides insights into 3DS Boot Sequenece - A9LH Replaced with Boot9Strap

Remember back in March and April, when Everyone wanted Custom firmware on 11.3.0-36?
Well before safehax + usdploit were update/released - we were all waiting on one exploit...

Although it turned out we never needed signhax in the first place, it was a great sign of hope for users who wanted CFW on 11.3 and missed the boat. 

Read More about Sighax: here

Now that a similar situation has happened with 11.4,
and a couple of months of waiting for @hedgeberg to dump the Bootrom, 

Sighax has been released by Derrek after teasing about a release on Twitter.

This means Custom firmware on any 3DS or 2DS with a Hardmod
or most 3DS and 2DS using DSIWareHax.

The Latter being only available if you know someone with Custom firmware Already who is willing to Sacrifice their NNID for you to get CFW on your 11.4 Device!

Here's a screen cap from The Guide Confirming the ability to CFW 11.4 Consoles

What does this mean for Users who already have Luma3DS and A9LH?

Basically as a9lh users were are going to have to update to boot9strap to "get with the times".

Luma3DS is no longer going to be providing support for a9lh and will be moving over to boot9strap instead for all official releases.

Meaning we need sighax to update to the Latest Luma Version if it is released soon (v7.0.6)

I will be making a Tutorial for that Soon! if you can't wait head over to sighax.com & 3ds.guide-updating to boot9strap

During the exploitation process it was discovered that there is a Key Combination that Boots the NDS Cart slot before firmware (if the lid is closed) this was possibly used to sign firmware by Nintendo themselves!

This NDS Cart Hax could lead to use hacking the Nintendo 3DS without a hardmod or DSIwarehax, using a NDS Flash cart with custom code on it!

I will bring a more detailed version of what Sighax does/is another time!