[3DS][News][05-30-2017] SciresM just Uploaded an 3DS Unbricking Video - using only a DS Flashcart - Custom Firmware on ANY Device soon?

Earlier Today SciresM tried out a NTR Custom Firmware Flashcart with Boot9Strap on it - Created by Normmatt

To unbrick a Nintendo 3DS

Proof of Concept Video here:

The reason this is possible was revealed by SciresM in a boot9strap/sighax Slideshow.

View the Slideshow: here

Near the end of the slideshow there were two slides (pictured above) pertaining to that fact that:
- A certain button combination being Pressed while the lid is closed 
- Allows NTR Cartridge Booting before the bootrom.

(Select + Start + X + Magnet on B button + Power = CFW)

This means for almost a year we could have Had Custom Fimware with Widely Available Flashcarts - on ANY FIRMWARE VERSION
(had the bootrom been released when dumped)

It's speculated that this was likely so nintendo could easily write NANDs and unbrick consoles themselves super easily, almost like a failsafe.

Since you need to spoof the lid being closed with a magnet - no one would have ever tried these button combinations to Boot from the Cart Slot before,

Hopefully we'll have some of these cartridges made up soon - or at least more compatibility, say for a Cheap R4 flashcart - that anyone could purchase or might already have.