[3DS][News][05-11-2017] Cell9 Updates NTR CFW to 3.5 - Wireless Video Streaming Works on 11.4.0-37! BootNTR Selector Also Updated!

Somehow this slipped past my Radar, but I was informed on Twitter that BootNTR was updated to 3.2 and NTR CFW Updated to 3.5. (huge Thank You to @Panana__Bread)

The best part about this update? 

Wireless Video Streaming is now fixed on firmware 11.4!

Huge thank you to Cell9 as Wireless Streaming is the whole reason I got Custom firmware in the First place!

I wouldn't have this channel or be on this modding journey I am today without such an amazing coder.

BootNTR Selector has also been updated by Nanquitas to support NTR CFW 3.5

If you don't have Boot NTR Selector yet Download it from FBI:
FBI > TitleDB > BootNTR Selector > Install

If you already have BootNTR Selector Installed, Hold X while Launching the App to Update.