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[3DS][News][05-30-2017] SciresM just Uploaded an 3DS Unbricking Video - using only a DS Flashcart - Custom Firmware on ANY Device soon?

Earlier Today SciresM tried out a NTR Custom Firmware Flashcart with Boot9Strap on it - Created by Normmatt
To unbrick a Nintendo 3DS
Proof of Concept Video here:

The reason this is possible was revealed by SciresM in a boot9strap/sighax Slideshow.

View the Slideshow: here
Near the end of the slideshow there were two slides (pictured above) pertaining to that fact that: - A certain button combination being Pressed while the lid is closed  - Allows NTR Cartridge Bootingbefore the bootrom.
(Select + Start + X + Magnet on B button + Power = CFW)
This means for almost a year we could have Had Custom Fimware with Widely Available Flashcarts - on ANY FIRMWARE VERSION (had the bootrom been released when dumped)
It's speculated that this was likely so nintendo could easily write NANDs and unbrick consoles themselves super easily, almost like a failsafe.
Since you need to spoof the lid being closed with a magnet - no one would have ever tried these button combinations to Boot from the Cart S…

[3DS][Release] "kit-kat-touch" - Stream n3DS Screens to PC & Control Touchscreen + Controls With XInput Gamepads - a fork of "kit-kat" by Pragma

Today I released a program over on github called "kit-kat-touch" - Download Here

Website & Written Tutorial:
kit-kat-touch is simply a fork of a popular Video Streaming companion for NTRViewer.exe called "kit-kat" but with a few differences;
Less Overall featuresSlimmer & more Compact UIFocused more on using the Wireless Touchscreen Controls of InputRedirectonClient 

PSA Please Wait to unban your consoles untill the banwave is over.. Some expect second wave. Nintendo already taken names

JUST A QUICK REMINDER WAIT UNTILL THE BANWAVE IS OVER. The reason i havent released a video is you might get banned again during the next wave. We need to make sure we can prevent things like this in the future

[3DS][PSA] Nintendo Banning CFW Users - Started Monday - No Known Reason - Speculation says Save File Hacking - Update* Turn off Spotpass it might be the culprit!*

Not a ton of information right now other then mass 3ds and 2ds users, who have custom firmware, are reporting being banned from online.
These reports seemingly began today on May 24th - but some users report they were banned as far back as Monday the 22nd, 2017The error code is: 002-0102This is happening to Arm9loaderhax and Boot9strap Users.If you're on boot9strap or Luma without a9lh or emunand and got banned - DO NOT USE THE "FRIENDCODESEED" INJECTION TO FIXYou will likely brick your systemThe following is copied from this gbatemp thread:"Edit 1: it appears that e-Shop access isn't restricted if you are banned.Edit 2: A caller to Nintendo reported that the company said this ban is due to "unauthorized software usage".Edit 3: @LinkSoraZelda is collecting info. Contact him if you are banned.Edit 4: Click and fill this out if you were BANNED.A call to a Nintendo Tech Support yielded a "you played a hacked game, or unauthorized software or modifie…

[3DS][PSA] How to Safely Update to 11.40-37 Custom Firmware - 2DS/3DS/o3DS

Follow this Guide First to replacea9lhwithboot9strap (the reason for this is arm9loaderhax is no longer supported by Luma3DS. - This means so we can't update to the latest Luma3DS without switching to boot9strap!

Then Follow this Guide afterwords to Update:

[3DS][PSA] Nanquitas updates initPRAGMAs Kit-Kat n3ds Streaming client for 11.4 Memory Patching ⚠ - Games like Pokemon ORAS - Video Streaming Working Again

If you use InitPRAGMAsKit-kat Client to wirelessly capture your new 3DS screen, and you've updated to 11.4, you might notice some games like Pokemon Omega Ruby Disconnect when you load the Game. Due to something moving around in the update. The Memory Patching Feature to keep the Video Stream going wasn't working on 11.4Nanquitas (who has brought us bootntr selector) updated kit-kat temporarily to Allow the Memory Patch ⚠ feature to work.
Download the modified Kit-kat here:
- Click Connect on Kit-kat
- Click the ⚠ Memory Patch Button
- CLICK OK to accept disabling Online in-game
- start Pokemon ORAS
- load your Save It should continue streaming instead of turning to a black ntrviewer.exe screenEnjoy

[3DS][PSA] How to Update from "arm9loaderhax" to "boot9strap" for Luma3DS CFW Users - Get Luma v7.1 + sighax | A9LH No Longer Supported by Luma

With the release of sighax and complete exploitation of the Nintendo 3DS achieved, all that's left to do is sit back and wait for the new Software releases!

We have no idea what the future holds now that every nook and cranny of the 3DS can be looked at and accessed:

- Full speed/Impossible before emulators? 
- Apps that do who knows what?
- What will Homebrew Games with full access to hardware be like?
- Is Cyanogen3DS going to make a Comeback?

Will we see the first Full Custom Firmware on the 3DS?

In the meantime, lets make sure the Custom Firmware we do have is Up to Date and Compatible with some, "Go to Apps" ie:

-   Godmode9 which is now only compatible with Boot9Strap

The New payload files read by Luma3DS are ".firm" and not ".bin"
Therefore all future releases (and current Luma3DS v7.1) are not compatible with Arm9LoaderHax.

 - we need to replace it with SigHax and boot9strap

Head over to "The Guide" and follow the Instructions …

[3DS][News][PSA] Custom Firmware Now Possible on any 3DS/2DS/o3DS - Thanks to SigHax - Bootrom Release Provides insights into 3DS Boot Sequenece - A9LH Replaced with Boot9Strap

Remember back in March and April, when Everyone wanted Custom firmware on 11.3.0-36? Well before safehax + usdploit were update/released - we were all waiting on one exploit... THE EXPLOIT TO END ALL EXPLOITS... signaturehax.
Although it turned out we never needed signhax in the first place, it was a great sign of hope for users who wanted CFW on 11.3 and missed the boat. 
Read More about Sighax: here Watch the Slideshow here:
Now that a similar situation has happened with 11.4, and a couple of months of waiting for @hedgeberg to dump the Bootrom, 
Sighax has been released by Derrek after teasing about a release on Twitter. finally made that #sighax installer — derrek (@derrekr6) April 24, 2017

This means Custom firmware on any 3DS or 2DS with a Hardmod or most 3DS and 2DS using DSIWareHax.
The Latter being only available if you know someone with Custom firmware Already who is willing to Sacrifice their NN…

[3DS][News][05-11-2017] Cell9 Updates NTR CFW to 3.5 - Wireless Video Streaming Works on 11.4.0-37! BootNTR Selector Also Updated!

Somehow this slipped past my Radar, but I was informed on Twitter that BootNTR was updated to 3.2 and NTR CFW Updated to 3.5. (huge Thank You to @Panana__Bread)
@GameInCanada i don't know if you know, but NTR CFW wireless streaming is now working on 11.4 FW — Keithy (@Panana__Bread) May 11, 2017
The best part about this update? 

Wireless Video Streamingis now fixed on firmware 11.4!

Huge thank you to Cell9 as Wireless Streaming is the whole reason I got Custom firmware in the First place!