[Emu][News][04-22-2017] WiinUSoft new Release: v3.1 - Use Wii + WiiU Controllers on YOUR PC! - Wiimote Infared Support - Bluetooth Fixes + Sync

Huge news in emulation, one of my favourite Gamepad Button mapping programs: WiinUSoft, received an update last month and I had no idea!

WiinUSoft allows you to connect Wiimotes, Nunchuks, WiiUPro, & Wii Classic Controllers to your PC- via Bluetooth, and Convert the Inputs to XInput.

Now you may ask, why would I want my Wii controllers to be "Xinput"?

Xinput is the type of input that Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers use to communicate. Being has Microsoft owns Xbox, the 360 & One Gamepad drivers are installed into most PC Games, Steam games, InputRedirectionClient(3ds) & HID to VPAD(wiiu), meaning they work natively.

Having the Ability to turn a Wiimote or WiiUPro Controller into a PC Xbox Controller opens the doors to many Emulators as well as some cool stuff we can do with Consoles, Such as making controllers work over WIFI on WiiU to play games they were never meant to play. Much like me playing Zelda BOTW with a wiimote here:

Now that Version 3.1 is out I might finally be Able to Replace GlovePIE as my go to Wiimote Controller, Remapper.

The New Upgrades that came along with Version 3.1 Include:

  • Added ability to sync & pair controllers to the Windows BT Stack
  • Support for both Windows & Toshiba Bluetooth Stacks
  • Added Wiimote IR Sensor support
  • Added "Greedy Mode" option (Dark Souls Fix)
  • Added ability to set a default calibration setting
  • Added connect to first available XInput device auto connect option
  • Fixed crash involving applying controller calibration
  • Minor UI Tweaks
  • PDP Fightpad tested and works (shoulders are digital by design)
  • Pro Controller U support added (works as Wiimote + Classic Controller)

Connecting with bluetooth is so simple now using windows bluetooth stack. Makes my life 1000% easier.

I can also use the Movement of the IR Pointer on wiimotes to Control Dpad or Control Stick Movement


Watch the Video Tutorial Here:

If you already have the older version of WiinUSoft uninstall it before trying to Install version 3.1!

Open the New Installer

Unselect Xbox 360 Driver if you are on Windows 10 - otherwise install it (I've installed it on Windows 10 and it seems to function fine- if you want to be safe rather then sorry later)

The Interface looks very Similar to 2.0 but there is two new options!
- Sync (so you don't have to open Bluetooth,
- After syncing you can now press 1 + 2 on the Wiimote and click Refresh
This will result in the Wiimote Connecting to the PC 

- Greedymode which stops the "Nintendo RVL-CNT-01" from showing up as a Controller during games like Dark Souls, instead only showing the emulated Xbox Controller.

How to Pair a Controller with the New SYNC Button

Click the sync button in WiinUSoft & Hit the Red Sync Button on your Controller (this case a Wiimote + Nunchuk)

It will Automatically Install the Controller Through Windows

Shortly after you should see this! 
(try exiting and restarting the program if you aren't seeing the gamepad)

Click Attach as XInput Device


The Wiimote should now function as an Xbox Controller

If you want to Configure the Controls Click The Wrench

Here we can see the New IR Sensor Options 
(I'll have to play around with this, you'll need a Sensor bar with Power to it!)

- Click on the Wiimote Button First
- Click on the Xbox Button you want it to Function as
- Click Apply or
- Save the Profile so you can Load it Later- instead of setting up the buttons every time.


Click Properties on the Controller

You'll see a Window like this titled: Properties
Here you can Edit:
The Device Name
Which Xbox Controller it Auto Connects too (instead of assigning it manually)
The Default Controller Profile it Loads (useful if you play the same game a lot)
Also Snapping the IR Pointer to different Axes can make some Games Function Better

This is my Breath of the Wild Wiimote
 You're Ready to Play: Remember this works with WiiUPro and Classic Controllers as well!


The Motion Controls are still not quite as good as GlovePIE but reasonable for some things (such as Links sword swing in Zelda)

But!- Now with the IR SENSOR function I was able to Emulate the: BOW/Camera/Weapon Select on BOTW on WiiU with the Wiimotes IR pointer over the Wireless network using HID to VPAD 

It's not Perfect for Zelda like GlovePIE 
But Could see it being Very good for Aiming Games on PC

Check it out here: