[3DS][PSA] Smealum believes he has Fixed the n3ds 11.4 Homebrew Launcher Payloads - Improved Homebrew Support?

If you are using a New 3DS(xl) then you might be missing some homebrew apps, due to almost every one crashing when trying to launch.

Thankfully the epic Smea has updated the New3DS(xl) 11.4 otherapp.bin Payloads, hopefully this means more homebrew will now be functioning on 11.4.0 CFW and Userland.
How to Get the New Payloads

  • Download the [New][11.4.0-37] otherapp.bin payload for the new3DS of your region

  • Rename it otherapp.bin

  • Replace your otherapp.bin on your SD card with the new one

Tweet him at @smealum if you are having any issues.

Successful Reports of RetroArch and JKSM working on:

New3DS 11.4.0-37 Userland 
- Both with Ninjhax and Doodlebomb

Tweet me @gameincanada I retweet a lot of the Latest 3DS Homebrew News.