[3DS][News][04/28/2017] Nintendo Drops Release Date for New Handheld Console | NEW 2DS XL | Whats Different? Comparing it to 3DS/2DS | Can We Get Custom Firmware or Homebrew? | Custom Japanese Colourway | SD Card + Game Slot Combo w/ Cover

Today is a Pretty big day in the Handheld community as Nintendo did the unthinkable and dropped a release date for a console no one knew was going to exist. 

Special Japanese Only Colourway from Japanese Trailer

Watch Nintendo's Official USA & Japan Trailer Here:

The "New 2DS XL" Boasts the same size screens as the n3DSxl, as well as the same C-Stick + ZR and ZL Buttons. It's the Same weight as the 2DS but has a Folding Screen;
 making it much more desirable for portable use!

Can We Hack The New2DSxl with 
Luma3DS Custom Firmware and Homebrew?

We can assume because it runs all the same apps as the 2DS and n3DSxl that it will be running the 11.4 System Menu or a new 11.5 that hasn't been released yet, 

So, no Custom Firmware (as of now we can't hack 11.4) but possibly 
we could use "ninjhax" to load Homebrew Launcher.

It's still 3 months till Release, anything could happen Including:
- An 11.5 Update to accompany the 2DSxl and its 2 New Games 

Its Possible the 2 New Games might have 11.5 On the Cartridge!

Comparison to 2DS and 3DS
Whats New / Whats Changed

The Top Screen reminds me a lot of the old3DS 

One thing right off the bat I noticed was:
- The Speakers Have been Moved to the Bottom Two Corner of the Device

I think this is a Strange Location to be potentially covered by your hand and actually looks like the old3DS Wrist Strap Slots, which are located in a similar place.

Has a Covered Slot for:
 - Game Cartridge Slot & microSD Card combo and a really Slick Stylus

- Added the ZR and ZL Buttons from the n3DSxl and changed the shape a bit
- Kept the IR Port
- No Quick Charging Dock Support
- Comes with its Own Charger - Unkown if 3DS Charger will work (probably will)

Nintendo Probably is Including the Charger this time, NOT because its unique to the n2DSxl 
but because they are expecting it to reach a new demographic that doesn't already own a system with a compatible charger.

The dreaded C-Stick Nub has made its Return..
- It's a step up from the 2DS not having a C-stick but they could have changed it to Function more like a Control Stick

The Home Button Has moved to a New Location: 
- Under the Dpad
 -  I'm not sure how I feel about the Placement, it seems easy to accidentally hit
 - On the other hand I can see how moving it allowed Nintendo to make the console Slimmer

Little Position Change of the Volume Slider 

The New 2DS XL Plays:
3DS Games
3DS Software
Original Nintendo DS Game Cartridges

- n2DSxl is Lighter & smaller then n3DSxl
- Also has a Closing Lid Sleep Mode Like the 3DS

At a Price point of 150 Dollars (thats USD which =  $204 CAD YIKES) 
this thing is about 40 dollars cheaper cheaper then the New 3DS xl in Canada 

(not having to purchase a 15-20 dollar charger ontop of the $220 -230 like with the New 3DS XL makes a bit of a difference)


 - I Love the Design
- I Love Big Screens
- I Love that Nintendo hasn't Forgotten about us
 - I don't Love the price
- I don't Like that its just a 3DSxl without 3D
- I don't Like that we can't Hack it
- I don't Like that it might come with a New System Update/11.4

You can pre-order the consoles at Gamestop already in the US: