[3DS][News][04/15/2017] Luma3DS gets update 7.0 from Aurorawright - Implementing LayeredFS - Random Fixes/Upgrades

SORRY for the no article head over to:

AuroraWright's Github and view 7.0 release notes - heres a few key things.

"- Implemented IPS patcher for code.bin, you need to copy the IPS patch to /luma/titles/<titleID>/code.ips.

- Added a LayeredFS implementation thanks to @delebile's hard work. Compatibility should be really good as only two games have been reported as being not working out of all the reports (due to the unusual way they were compiled).
To use it, you will need to copy romfs files (following the romfs folder structure) to /luma/titles/<titleID>/romfs/.
Coupled with IPS code patching, this allows for easy legal distribution of game translations/hacks.

- Added unverified New3DS SigHax support (it should work fine, though).Added support for the power button in menus (thanks @d0k3).Added possibility to patch NAND apps (like the eShop).

Download Play is now region free (thanks @adibsurani)."

Use Luma Updater to update to from 6.6 stable or hourly Build to the new 7.0