[3DS][News][04/12/2017] NTR CFW UPATED FOR 11.4 - BUT VIDEO STREAMING IS STILL BROKEN [HOLD X] while opening BootNTRSelector to UPDATE

As was sort of expected BootNTRSelector has been quickly Updated for 11.4.0-37

If you accidentally Followed the System Update Step of "The Guide" and are now on 11.4 CFW then you can now update NTR CFW - BUT VIDEO STREAMING IS NO LONGER WORKING WAIT FOR A FIX OR DOWNGRADE TO 11.3 USING YOUR NAND BACKUP

*HOLD the [X] Button on your 3DS - when opening bootNTRSelector to Update*

If you haven't Downloaded BootNTRSelector Yet Head over to https://github.com/Nanquitas/BootNTR/releases
and grab just 1 of the Releases:
for New3DS:

For o3DS:

- Put it in your /CIAS/ Folder of your SD Card
- Open FBI
- Choose SD
- Navigate to /CIAS/ Folder in FBI
- Choose bootntrselector-pablo-mk7-banner.cia
- Hit A to Install