[3DS][News][04-22-2017] TheCruel's Free eShop Clone; now receiving Updates through "arc13's" Fork

We were all a little worried about what would happen to freeshop being as unforeseeable circumstances left TheCruel no longer able to update it.

Would users switch to ciangel? Or maybe Tikshop? Both apparently boast a more recent/faster updating, game list, but for some reason leave little to be desired Gui-wise.

The freeshop is just tried, true, and rolls of the tongue- not to mention it looks very pleasing to the eyes.

Luckily for us who are afraid of too much change, arc13, on gbatemp.net, has made a fork of freeshop over on notabug.org

Click here to download it.

So far it doesn't boast a ton of new features or anything very note worthy but I will mention it is beginning to have theme support. Which i think its pretty cool, who doesnt love to customize their homebrew!

Arc13 has also added an FBI-like top screen with new info: Clock, TW NAND and SD card space.

The program uses Encrypted title key file (encTitleKeys.bin) So youll need to find one to download. 

Checkout The gbatemp Release Thread: Here

Sorry I can't tell you where to get the titlekeys.