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[3DS][PSA] Smealum believes he has Fixed the n3ds 11.4 Homebrew Launcher Payloads - Improved Homebrew Support?

If you are using a New 3DS(xl) then you might be missing some homebrew apps, due to almost every one crashing when trying to launch.

Thankfully the epic Smea has updated the New3DS(xl) 11.4 otherapp.bin Payloads, hopefully this means more homebrew will now be functioning on 11.4.0 CFW and Userland.
alright, fixed 11.4 N3DS payloads should be up; both otherapp and ninjhax
lmk of any issues — smea (@smealum) April 30, 2017How to Get the New Payloads

[3DS][News][04/28/2017] Nintendo Drops Release Date for New Handheld Console | NEW 2DS XL | Whats Different? Comparing it to 3DS/2DS | Can We Get Custom Firmware or Homebrew? | Custom Japanese Colourway | SD Card + Game Slot Combo w/ Cover

Today is a Pretty big day in the Handheld community as Nintendo did the unthinkable and dropped a release date for a console no one knew was going to exist. 

Special Japanese Only Colourway from Japanese Trailer

Checkout Nintendo's New 2DS XL Section on
Watch Nintendo's Official USA & Japan Trailer Here:

The "New 2DS XL" Boasts the same size screens as the n3DSxl, as well as the same C-Stick + ZR and ZL Buttons. It's the Same weight as the 2DS but has a Folding Screen;  making it much more desirable for portable use!
Can We Hack The New2DSxl with  Luma3DS Custom Firmware and Homebrew?

[3DS][News] Another Luma3DS Release v7.0.3 - More LayeredFS Compatibility for RomFSes mounted as "ext:" Titles like: Taiko no Tatsujin: Don Don! Mystery Adventure

This is just a quick update improving the game compatibility for Luma3DS' new integrated LayeredFS. It will add support to games using RomFSes that mount hacks as "ext:" - Honestly haven't a clue what that means other then more game hacks work now.

The Steps for Updating from 6.6 to 7.0.x that I posted about the other day should still apply perfectly
check that tutorial out here:

How to Properly Update Luma

AuroraWright's github Release:

[3DS][PSA][04-26-2017] Nintendo Updates Swapdoodle - Patches Doodlebomb v1 - (Don't Update Swapdoodle!)

Nintendo has released a quick update for Swapdoodle, effectively bringing 11.4.0-37 Userland Homebrewto a Hault.

It seems swapdoodle has been updated, do not update if you're using doodlebomb! — MrNbaYoh (@MrNbaYoh) April 26, 2017
The vulnerability used by doodlebomb has been patched. — MrNbaYoh (@MrNbaYoh) April 26, 2017
I know you know what this means ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) — MrNbaYoh (@MrNbaYoh) April 26, 2017

[3DS][PSA] How to Properly Update to Luma3DS 7.0.x = FIX Games asking for FIRMWARE UPDATE to play Online [11.3.0-37 CFW]

If you haven't updated your 3DS/2DS to 11.4 (which you shouldn't do) then more then likely you are on 11.3.0-37 with Luma3DS 6.6 Custom Firmware. 

Now normally everything should be functioning perfectly, but recently some CFW users have reported "Games asking them to update to 11.4.0-37 to use Online Play"

Do not fear! For there is a super simple solution to this problem, without having to update firmware.
All we need to do is UPDATE Luma3DS to the Latest Stable Build which is currently 7.0.x


[PKMN][News][04-24-2017] The Pokemon Company Celebrates its 19th Anniversary

Since I was 6 years old The Pokemon company has brought me endless hours of fun, with tv shows as well as video games, toys and pokemon cards.I just wanted to say a big old thank you and I hope we see another 3DS Release, as well as a new Switch Pokemon Game (Pokemon Stars? Are we heading back to Khanto?) who knows.What is your guys favourite Pokemon? Mine might me Ampharos but I am falling in love with Alolan Raichu!Tweet me your answers! @gameincanadaLots more to come stay tuned

[Emu][News][04-22-2017] WiinUSoft new Release: v3.1 - Use Wii + WiiU Controllers on YOUR PC! - Wiimote Infared Support - Bluetooth Fixes + Sync

Huge news in emulation, one of my favourite Gamepad Button mapping programs: WiinUSoft, received an update last month and I had no idea!

WiinUSoft allows you to connect Wiimotes, Nunchuks, WiiUPro, & Wii Classic Controllers to your PC- via Bluetooth, and Convert the Inputs to XInput.

Now you may ask, why would I want my Wii controllers to be "Xinput"?

Xinput is the type of input that Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers use to communicate. Being has Microsoft owns Xbox, the 360 & One Gamepad driversare installed into most PC Games, Steam games, InputRedirectionClient(3ds) & HID to VPAD(wiiu), meaning they work natively.

Having the Ability to turn a Wiimote or WiiUPro Controller into a PC Xbox Controller opens the doors to many Emulators as well as some cool stuff we can do with Consoles, Such as making controllers work over WIFI on WiiU to play games they were never meant to play. Much like me playing Zelda BOTW with a wiimote here:

[3DS][News][04-22-2017] TheCruel's Free eShop Clone; now receiving Updates through "arc13's" Fork

We were all a little worried about what would happen to freeshop being as unforeseeable circumstances left TheCruel no longer able to update it. Would users switch to ciangel? Or maybe Tikshop? Both apparently boast a more recent/faster updating, game list, but for some reason leave little to be desired Gui-wise. The freeshop is just tried, true, and rolls of the tongue- not to mention it looks very pleasing to the eyes. Luckily for us who are afraid of too much change, arc13, on, has made a fork of freeshop over on notabug.orgClick here to download it.So far it doesn't boast a ton of new features or anything very note worthy but I will mention it is beginning to have themesupport. Which i think its pretty cool, who doesnt love to customize their homebrew!Arc13 has also added an FBI-like top screen with new info: Clock, TW NAND and SD card space.The program uses Encrypted title key file (encTitleKeys.bin) So youll need to find one to download.  Checkout The gbatemp Rel…

[3DS][News][04/15/2017] Homebrew Launcher 11.2 otherapp.bin payloads - working for o3DS/2DS on 11.4 CFW

The old 11.2.0-35 otherapp.bin payload is working on o3DS/2DS 11.4 Custom Firmware to boot the Homebrew Launcher.
Unfortunately there is no way to boot homebrew on o3ds/2ds 11.4 userland(no custom firmware) devices yet but maybe soon!
Head over to to get the 11.2.0-35 payloads for your o3ds/2ds on CFW and you'll be running homebrew in no time.

Big thanks to Takashiku Farmer for letting me know I was giving out the wrong info!

Update Luma if you are still having issues!

[3DS][News][04/15/2017] Luma3DS gets update 7.0 from Aurorawright - Implementing LayeredFS - Random Fixes/Upgrades

SORRY for the no article head over to:AuroraWright's Github and view 7.0 release notes - heres a few key things."- Implemented IPS patcher for code.bin, you need to copy the IPS patch to /luma/titles/<titleID>/code.ips.- Added a LayeredFS implementation thanks to @delebile's hard work. Compatibility should be really good as only two games have been reported as being not working out of all the reports (due to the unusual way they were compiled).
To use it, you will need to copy romfs files (following the romfs folder structure) to /luma/titles/<titleID>/romfs/.
Coupled with IPS code patching, this allows for easy legal distribution of game translations/hacks.- Added unverified New3DS SigHax support (it should work fine, though).Added support for the power button in menus (thanks @d0k3).Added possibility to patch NAND apps (like the eShop).Download Play is now region free (thanks @adibsurani)."Use Luma Updater to update to from 6.6 stable or hourly Build t…



[3DS][News][04/12/2017] Reports of Luma3DS Latest Hourly Build - Fixes GBA VC + DS Cartridges on [11.4.0 -37]

Hearing some reports of the newest Luma3DS Latest Hourly Build Fixingthe broken DS Functionality/GBA Virtual Consoleon firmware 11.4.0-37 when using: luma3ds and Arm9loaderhax.
(custom splash screen by magikarp
- Open up Luma updater app 

Press Down on the Dpad: to Select "Install latest hourly (28e6ad33)"
Press A: to Update from Luma 6.6 stable to Latest Hourly Build.

Hit Start to Reboot & Everything should work Fine!

[3DS][News][04/12/2017] NTR CFW UPATED FOR 11.4 - BUT VIDEO STREAMING IS STILL BROKEN [HOLD X] while opening BootNTRSelector to UPDATE

As was sort of expected BootNTRSelector has been quickly Updated for 11.4.0-37

If you accidentally Followed the System Update Step of "The Guide" and are now on 11.4 CFW then you can now update NTR CFW - BUT VIDEO STREAMING IS NO LONGER WORKING WAIT FOR A FIX OR DOWNGRADE TO 11.3 USING YOUR NAND BACKUP

*HOLD the [X] Button on your 3DS - when opening bootNTRSelector to Update*

If you haven't Downloaded BootNTRSelector Yet Head over to and grab just 1 of the Releases: for New3DS: BootNTRSelector-PabloMK7-Banner.cia
For o3DS: BootNTRSelector-Mode3-PabloMK7-Banner.cia
- Put it in your /CIAS/ Folder of your SD Card
- Open FBI
- Choose SD
- Navigate to /CIAS/ Folder in FBI
- Choose bootntrselector-pablo-mk7-banner.cia
- Hit A to Install

[3DS][News][04/11/2017] MrNbayoh Releases "Doodle Bomb" - Boot Homebrew Launcher from "Swapdoodle" - How to Get Homebrew on 11.4.0 n3DS [Non-CFW] Userland - The New Soundhax- Sort of

I hope this one is going to work :
Please read the instructions : — MrNbaYoh (@MrNbaYoh) April 11, 2017
Multiple success have been reported! Moreover the sharing feature seems to work just fine :D ! — MrNbaYoh (@MrNbaYoh) April 11, 2017 *UPDATE April 12th 2017*

For people who have run into troubles :
I hope this update will fix your issue :)— MrNbaYoh (@MrNbaYoh) April 12, 2017
Go Download Swapdoodle for free from the Nintendo eShop - before Nintendo takes it down!

Instead of Explaining in my Own words what this Exploit does, go to MrNbayoh's Github Page and read the instructions. (It gets you Homebrew Launcher without custom firmware)

Learn how to Install Doodlebomb here:

[3DS][News][04/11/2017] "The Guide" by Plailect - UPDATED for [11.3.0-36] CUSTOM FIRMWARE!

Go to "The Guide" right now and get Custom Firmware on your 11.3.0-363DS/2DS!
Plailect is a legendary guide maker you can trust this. \

I have 3 Viewers, Confirmed (with pictures) to have CFW'd a 11.3.0 3DS/2DS Today, April 11th 2017.

after restoring my 11.3.0-36 nand Backup?

You technically don't have to perform a system update at this point during The Guide. You can stay on 11.3.0-36

*If you need to get on the Nintendo eShop on 11.3 
use"ctr httpwn"*

Check the List Below and Decide for yourself

The GBA VC is broken because of a Luma Issue causing a crash when entering DS mode. 


Go show some Love to the people who made this happen,

AuroraWright - Luma3DS/A9LH Smealum - 3DS Homebrew Payloads + 11.xx Exploits AppleTinivi - Safehax Plailect - Guide Master Yellows8 - Nintendo Update Bot - ctr httpwn - 11.xx Exploits Hamcha - Luma Updater d0k3 - Godmode9

I'd Type more, but do…

[3DS][News][04/10/2017] Nintendo Releases Firmware [11.4.0-37] - PATCHES SOUNDHAX - DO NOT UPDATE + Smea & yls8 Release [11.3.0-36] "ARM11 Kernal Exploit"

This morning I wrote a Tweet like this:

Little did I know, later that night I would receive a notification on my phone between 8 - 8:30 EST. This notification was from yellows8's Twitter Update Bot.  It informed us of a deadly new 3DS/2DS Firmware Update:11.4.0-37

We Hit 1000 Subscribers on Youtube! + New 11.3 Exploit Tracking Website =

Hey guys just wanted to type a quick Thank You to everyone who supports us,  we just hit 1000 SUBSCRIBERS over on Youtube!

I created a New Website to Celebrate 1000 Subs,  You can check it out here: will be a hub for quickly checking: TheLatest Official Firmware Releases from Nintendo + The Latest [11.3.0-36] Hacking/Exploiting News!


Nintendo & Game Freak must have more Mega Stones then they know what to do with, because Pokemon players are now receiving another Mystery Gift code for 4 more Mega Stones.


 Mawilite Beedrillite Audinite Medichamite