[SWITCH][News][03/20/2017] Nintendo's Statement Regarding "Left Joy-con Bluetooth" + Other Issues - 14 Days after Switch Release - "Not Significant # of cases" - "Faulty Antenna, Quick Fix"

If you're like me and haven't picked up the "Sold Out Next-Gen Gaming System" a.k.a the "Nintendo Switch" because you're too poor. Then again you're probably like me and telling everyone its because of the issues that seem to be plaguing some gamers who already made the Switch - Such as;
  • Dead Pixels
  • Graphic Corruptions
  • Screen Flashing
  • Game Cartridges not Reading
  • Emitting a High Pitched Noise Randomly while On or Off
  • Left Joy-Con loses Blutetooth Connectivity for 5-6 seconds randomly
  • Putting the Wrist Straps on the wrong Joy-Con and getting stuck
  • Scratched Screens from using the Charging Dock

"Hey man, I got the Nintendo Switch you should get one too and we can play together!" - Switch User (lets pretend there is actually an online multiplayer game on release..)

"Sorry bro, I don't need a System that has only half a working Controller, can't Read Cartridges, and doubles as a Dog Whistle/Fire Alarm!" - All that haven't made the Switch

If you watch a Video like this one from: CrowbCat 
(who compiled all the Known Problem Videos into one) 
- Then you're left with a pretty sour first impression of the Nintendo Switch, and you're more then likely afraid to spend 500 - 600 dollars on one, just to end up as one of those poor souls in the video.

But this is simply Perception being altered by Social Media and the ability of anyone to Upload a video to the WWW and be seen by millions as long as its relevant to what people are searching for, ie; Nintendo Switch 

With anything new, there will always be haters, some for legitimate, and some bandwagoners that want to hate, just to hate on anything relevant. 
Unfortunately these people have a large social media presence and very greatly influence this perception shift to the Negative.

 This leaves us scared and afraid to spend out money, when The Truth Is;

These problems are limited to a very, very small Percentage of  the Consoles Released.

- There isn't any exact numbers on how many Switch's are effected, but if we factor the Sales of;
1.5 Million Consoles - 1 week after Release 

- This would mean that if 1% of Nintendo's were having issues, that would be; 
10 000 Systems with problems & there is certainly no proof of numbers anywhere near this, let alone even into the thousands yet. 

- So less then 0.2% of Consoles Are having Issues

Nintendo had this to say on the matter:

“The number is not significant. The total number of repair or replacement requests for Nintendo Switch, including for Joy-Con, is consistent with what we’ve seen for any new hardware Nintendo has launched.”

Nintendo is basically hinting at its History with its "Nintendo Wii" and the few issues it had after selling:
- 500 000 Wii's at launch (over 100 million as of 2015)

This means that even though Nintendo has sold twice as many Switch's at launch in comparison to the Wii, that they are still experiencing a similar scope of issues. (mostly kids throwing remotes through Televisions, I jest..)

You could obviously predict such a thing happening, especially when dealing with technology like Bluetooth, which is unreliable at best for holding a Steady Connection over a long length of time.

Possibly this is one of the reasons why Microsoft has never ventured down that path and stuck with Ghz Radio Wave Controllers. (not that they are really any more reliable, but think about this, we don't use Bluetooth as Wifi.)

Nintendo has been using Bluetooth Since the Wii, pretty Much exclusively, their only other Wireless Controller being the Wavebird on Gamecube. The Wavebird was run on 2.4 ghz I believe, although it does have its own host of connection problems such as The Controller Port Adapter will not easily pick up the signal pf the Controller even when on the Same Channel.
You also have 16 Available Channels to chose from, which you have to manually switch, on both the Controller and Controller Port Adapter

The Joy-con of the Nintendo Switch is experiencing its own "Connectivity Conundrum" because the Left Joy-con specifically is disconnecting for multiple seconds during gameplay, before repairing with the System and working fine for a short amount of time afterwords.

This is again a very small amount of Gamers who are being inflicted with this horrible pain, of a new Console not working perfectly out of the box.

Nintendo Released this Statement Regarding the Left Joy-Con Bluetooth Problems Specifically.

"At Nintendo, we take great pride in creating quality products and we want our consumers to have a positive experience. It is common with any new innovative consumer technology for consumers to have questions, and Nintendo Switch is no exception. There are no widespread technical problems, and all issues are being handled promptly, including the reports regarding the left Joy-Con Bluetooth connection. To best support our customers, we continuously update the online consumer support site and provide real-time answers to the questions we are receiving. We want our consumers to get up and running quickly to have fun with Nintendo Switch, and if anything falls short of this goal we encourage them to contact Nintendo’s Consumer Service team. For help with any hardware or software questions, please visit: http://support.nintendo.com."

This statement from Nintendo, while not helpful at all, does show that they are trying to be on-top of the issues and aren't just completely ignoring the plea's from those guinea pigs who already made the Switch.

*UPDATE* A User on Reddit, explained his experience with getting his switch Joy-Con fixed at the Local Nintendo Headquarters
- He called them up explained his problem
- They Invited him down + showed him around
- He waited while it took 40 minutes to replace the faulty bluetooth antenna for free,
- They even gave him a pair of bluetooth speakers 
Good job Nintendo!

Over at GameInCanada we are hoping to eventually get a Switch, but I might be waiting for Version 2.0 in a Year or so. 

Until then my WiiU is going to be running over time playing: 
"The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild"

If you're having any problems with your Nintendo Switch Contact your Local Nintendo HQ or if you live in the US don't Hesitate to Call Nintendo Support at (855) 877-9099. 
This Number might work if you are in Canada (800) 255-3700 doesn't hurt to try either I bet!