[3DS][News][03/27/2017] Today is the 6th birthday of the Nintendo 3DS. My 3DS CFW Story

Happy 6th Birthday!

As I sit here now, looking at my barely 2 year old Nintendo new 3DSxl, its hard to believe 3DS Devices have been on the Market for 6 Years.

I didn't jump on the 3DS bandwagon until after the "New 3DS xl" was released.  You could say I was a bit of a late bloomer in the whole 3DS world and even further behind in the 
"CFW realm."

I originally had the Red coloured, second Firmware version, of the
Nintendo DualScreen. 

(The Original DS, was Released over 12 Years ago in Nov. 2004!!)
This Red Edition came bundled with  Mario Kart DS 

 I soon purchased a Supercard SD, with a wopping 256MB SD Card.
To get the System to Boot NDS games from the GBA slot took some serious wizardry. You had to Flash the firmware by holding a screw driver, in a tiny hole near the battery, shorting out or bridging the connection I cant even recall fully. 

You then had to run the NDS games through a specific Supercard Program to make them usable on your Flashcart, and a lot of games weren't supported at first.
Eventually I bought a Slot-1 Flashcart named the R4, which turned out to be a Fake R4 Clone but worked all the same anyways for 14 dollars.

So for very little money I enjoyed playing the DS for years and still continue to play it to this day. 
(I am playing through Pokemon Soul Silver)

Along the way I saw all the reiterations of Nintendo's Dual Screen console from the Original DS,

 to the DS lite,

to the DSi
the DSi xl.

You get the idea, I was having enough fun with my original DS and saw all the future releases as a money grab by Nintendo, so I purposely put off getting a Nintendo 3DS for the same reason, until the perceived final version came about.

By this time there was a new Pokemon Generation 6, as well as a Pokemon Ruby Remake and even a New Animal Crossing. I had a good job at the time and decided to finally bite the bullet and purchase, a Metallic Red 3DSxl, with Pokemon Y + Omega Ruby. 

I was a bit bitter at first because I forgot to get a charger and ended up having to return the next day to purchase one for an additional $14.99

I honestly was so busy and out of the gaming world at this point that I never even played the console until near a year later when Pokemon Sun and Moon were scheduled for Release in November of 2016.

After receiving the New Pokemon game for Christmas, I wanted to Stream it live onto Twitch.

This led to me looking at ridiculously priced 3DS capture cards and eventually taking me down the path to Custom Firmware and NTR wireless Video streaming.

I got very lucky as in Janurary 2017, I decided to hack my 3DS, using "The Guide". 

An exploit for 11.2 to work had only just been discovered, so shortly after following the guide, I had a9lh + Luma3DS + BootNTR and was live streaming to Twitch with NTR and OBS Wirelessly for free.

Hardly a month later Nintendo Released the 11.3 update killing custom firmware on updated devices. Making me feel extremely blessed to have foundout about CFW when I did, or else I would have updated  to 11.3 and never been able to do all the epic things I now occupy my time with.

Thank you Nintendo for another Exploitable System, that is doing so many amazing things you never even intended it to do at its conception.

 Happy Birthday to the 3DS!


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