[3DS][Tutorial] How to Add "C-Stick Camera" to [Xbox/PS/WiiUPro Controller] for "Monster Hunter 4" Using [InputRedirection] + [GlovePIE]

This Tutorial is quick, easy and stems from a Comment I got on /r/3dshacks from ChilimBalam.

 He asked if it was possible to route the D-pad - which controls the Camera in "Monster Hunter"to the Right (unused) Control Stick of the Xbox Gamepad

This would allow you to control the Camera Angle on any n3ds with [InputRedirection] or o3ds/2DS with [InputRedirection] mode 3 for extended memory games by spinning the Right Analog Stick of the Xbox Controller.

Controllers You Can Use

Xbox 360 + XbOne Controllers  work on Windows 10 without any 3rd party software.
Xbox Controllers also work perfectly with [InputRedirection] without any modification.

WiiUPro + Wii Classic Controllers will also work if using 3rd party software, such as "WiinUSoft". 

Ps3 + Ps4 Controllers running 3rd party software such as "DS4Windows".

Both of these 3rd party programs change the input of the controllers to XInput, which the Xbox Controllers use to communicate with the PC & [InputRedirection]

Everything works normally after Installing the 3rd party software

If using 3rd Party Software with Nintendo or Sony Controller
*You Can do the Following Optional Step Instead*

You can skip using [GlovePIE] and just use the software to

- Change the Right Control Stick to emulate the Xbox Controllers D-Pad.

(much easier to do then run [GlovePIE] or switch controls in [InputRedirection])

Click [Save] and name it "Monster Hunter Camera Controls" 

- Load [InputRedirection.cia] on your 3DS (use mode 3 if o3ds)
 - Load [BootNTRSelector] on your 3DS
 - Open [InputRedirectonClient.exe] on your PC 

If your 3DS IP address is entered correctly, you're ready to Play, 
(Press F1 to check IP on the Client window and ESC to return to the black window)

the Next Section is for Xbox Controllers.

Setting Up GlovePIE for XBOX Controllers 
(still works for PS3/4 and Nintendo Controllers just another option)

[InputRedirection] doesn't support the C-stick of the n3ds or the CPP and it doesn't route the Right Control Stick of Xbox Controllers to anything automatically. 

This leaves us an opening to map the Xinput1 Joy2 to [T,G,F & H] on your Keyboard. Using [GlovePIE].

[InputRedirectionClients]'s default keyboard controls use 
-[T, G, F, & H] as [Up, Down, Left & Right] on the D-pad of the 3DS

After Connecting your Controller to your Computer, [InputRedirection] & your 3DS;

Open [GlovePIE.exe]

Copy and Paste in the Following Script:

/*Camera Controls for Monster Hunter: Xbox Controllers
(Right Control Stick) Also works with PS3/4 & WiiUPro/Classic if
routed through 3rd party software ie; WiinUPro.com, ds4Windows.com */
F = (-1.2 < XInput1.Joy2X < -0.5)
H = (0.5 < XInput1.Joy2X < 1.2)
G = (-1.2 < XInput1.Joy2Y < -0.5)
T = (0.5 < XInput1.Joy2Y < 1.2)

Click Run

Your Right Control Stick should now Control your D-Pad on your 3DS
in turn; Controlling your Camera in;
- "Monster Hunter 4"
- "Monster Hunter Generations"



[InputRedirectionClientNTR.exe] (https://github.com/Kazo/InputRedirect...)
⬇ Direct Download ⬇

[GlovePie.exe] by Carl Kenner
⬇ Download ⬇

⬇ Download ⬇

[ds4windows.exe] (Ps3/Ps4 to PC software from Ds4Windows.com)
⬇ Download ⬇


Click titleDB on FBI

- Go to [Press Right on the DPAD 3 TIMES]
- Press  A on BootNTR Selector
- Press Again to Install

Any button to continue after installing

- Now Search titleDB for "InputProc"
- Install InputProc in the Same way
- Complete

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