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[3DS][News][03/27/2017] Today is the 6th birthday of the Nintendo 3DS. My 3DS CFW Story

Happy 6th Birthday!

As I sit here now, looking at my barely 2 year old Nintendo new 3DSxl, its hard to believe 3DS Devices have been on the Market for 6 Years.
I didn't jump on the 3DS bandwagon until after the "New 3DS xl" was released.  You could say I was a bit of a late bloomer in the whole 3DS world and even further behind in the  "CFW realm."
I originally had the Red coloured,second Firmware version, of the Nintendo DualScreen. 

[DSi][PSA][eShop] The Nintendo DSi eShop is Closing March 31st, 2017 - Transfer DSi titles to 3DS - also Available on 3DS eShop

Some sad news is fast approaching for DSi and DSi xl users, as Nintendo plans to cancel access to the "eShop" from DSi Consoles, in just a few days. 

Heres Nintendo's Official Release about it:
If you have Nintendo DSi Points to spend, Nintendo DSiWare you want to re-download or Nintendo DSiWare you’d like to transfer from a Nintendo DSi/Nintendo DSi XL system to a Nintendo 3DS family system, you may want to do so at your earliest convenience, while the service is still available.
You can still add Nintendo DSi Points until September 30, 2016, and purchase content in the Nintendo DSi Shop until March 31, 2017. The ability to re-download Nintendo DSiWare games will also stop at some point; we will announce specific details as that time approaches.
Note that even after the Nintendo DSi Shop closes, most Nintendo DSiWare will continue to be sold in the Nintendo eShop on systems in the Nintendo 3DS family.

[3DS][Tutorial][Poke:Su/Mo] Use Mystery Gift Code: [M2DESCENT] to Recieve "MEWTWONITE X & Y" - *Pokemon Sun & Moon Only*

There is a Mystery Gift Codestrictly for "Pokemon Sun and Moon", which will allow you to speak to a man at the Pokemon Center and receive both Mewtwo Megastones.

I decided to hop on the Youtube Live Stream with Kit-Kat, and attempt to use this code while simultaneously making a How to Video.

[WiiU][News][Emu][23/03/2017] Cemu v1.7.4: WiiU Emulator Update Shows Amazing Playability of "Zelda: Breath of the Wild" on PC!

This "Cemu" WiiU Emulator Update Video is a few days old but I only just became aware of it. This is a Video posted byYamGaming from the Cemu devs themselves, showing how a slight update from 1.7.3 to 1.7.4, brought about drastic play-ability improvements to the PC for "BOTW" 

Including fixes for some of the Slate Powers that were previously not working in 1.7.3

I don't normally post emulator stuff but this is an emulator I have tested before on version 1.7.2 with Breath of the Wild and it didn't work past the Intro Screen.

[3DS][PSA][03/22/3017] Plailect's Updating The Guide - Don't CFW Your Console Until Finished - Not Related to 11.3.0 - Godmode9 Related!

 has left a message on The Guide(tm)Homepage, regarding some revisions to the "Holy Grail"which has helped thousands get;
"Custom Firmware: Luma3DS & Arm9loaderhax"
Plailect says it will take about 24 hours to finish the updates to the Guide, Please put off updating to CFW until tomorrow when its finished!

I don't know the details behind the changes to the guide, but some speculate it will relate to  [11.3.0-36] and Sighax, but there is no evidence of this considering the bootrom isn't even near dumped yet.

The Bootrom is an Integral part of Sighax and is useless without it, so Plailect has no  reason to add them into the Guide, other then a possible mention, but that would seemingly confuse people, and serve no purpose.
I am guessing it will be some simple updates with a few extra warnings ETC making the whole guide more user friendly. 

*UPDATE!* d0k3 Has released a new version of Godmode9 that Simplifies the entire Process! Holy c…

[SWITCH][News][FAKE] "Hacker Extraordinaire" Plays "The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" with a N64 Emulator on Nintendo Switch

A few days ago a tabloid paper know as "", posted a;  Nintendo Switch story so unbelievable, I had to immediately get to the bottom of it. 
Short story, long, a man from the West coast of Canada, used the old/now new, Webkit IOS Exploit on the Switch and got it to run a N64 Emulator as well as a Playstation 2 Emulator.

The "Hacker" known as "Good Guy Biker" then proceeded to post pictures & videos to various social media platforms, to document his success.

Photo from & Good Guy Bikers Twitter

[SWITCH][News][03/20/2017] Nintendo's Statement Regarding "Left Joy-con Bluetooth" + Other Issues - 14 Days after Switch Release - "Not Significant # of cases" - "Faulty Antenna, Quick Fix"

If you're like me and haven't picked up the "Sold Out Next-Gen Gaming System" a.k.a the "Nintendo Switch" because you're too poor. Then again you're probably like me and telling everyone its because of the issues that seem to be plaguing some gamers who already made the Switch - Such as; Dead PixelsGraphic CorruptionsScreen FlashingGame Cartridges not ReadingEmitting a High Pitched Noise Randomly while On or OffLeft Joy-Con loses Blutetooth Connectivity for 5-6 seconds randomlyPutting the Wrist Straps on the wrong Joy-Con and getting stuckScratched Screens from using the Charging Dock
"Hey man, I got the Nintendo Switch you should get one too and we can play together!" - Switch User (lets pretend there is actually an online multiplayer game on release..)
"Sorry bro, I don't need a System that has only half a working Controller, can't Read Cartridges, and doubles as a Dog Whistle/Fire Alarm!" - All that haven't made the …

[3DS][PSA][03/17/2017] "Homebrew Apps" show on "StreetPass" to [Non-CFW] 3DS/2DS Users

I saw a new post about this over on Reddit, and although it is common knowledge,  (there's a thread about it from early last year on GBATemp), I thought I would type a quick  [Public Service Announcement] about it for anyone who wasn't aware!

[3DS][News][03/11/2017]: 1 Month Since Nintendo Killed 3DS Downgrading - Are we any closer to Exploiting 11.3? "What Can I Do on non-CFW 11.3?"

I've been flooded with comments over on Youtube,
wondering if 3DS Ethusiasts have come any closer to finding Exploits, in the new  11.3 System Menu Update, from Nintendo. 
I have gathered all the info I know currently up to the date in the Blog Title. (May 11th 2017) It might not be exactly what you want to hear but go ahead and read on to learn of the progress.

[3DS][Tutorial] How to Add "C-Stick Camera" to [Xbox/PS/WiiUPro Controller] for "Monster Hunter 4" Using [InputRedirection] + [GlovePIE]

This Tutorial is quick, easy and stems from a Comment I got on /r/3dshacks from ChilimBalam.
 He asked if it was possible to route the D-pad - which controls the Camera in "Monster Hunter"to the Right (unused) Control Stick of the Xbox Gamepad
This would allow you to control the Camera Angle on any n3ds with [InputRedirection] or o3ds/2DS with [InputRedirection] mode 3 for extended memory games by spinning the Right Analog Stick of the Xbox Controller.

[3DS][Tutorial] Add Quick Smash Attacks to an InputRedirection Gamepad - Super Smash Bros 3DS + [GlovePie]

Today I am showing off another [GlovePIE.exe] Script! 
This time to Add Quick Smash Attacks to our unused Right Control Stick, while Playing  "SSB:3DS" with [InputRedirectionClient.exe] - To basically mimic C-Stick on 3DS.

If you don't want to Read watch the Video here:

Right off the bat I just want to clarify this isn't identical to using Circle Pad Pro to do Smash Attacks, since [InputRedirectionClient.exe] doesn't support the C-Stick Yet.

That being said this is still MUCH Faster and more Accurate then Normal Smash Attacks. (pressing A and simultaneously hitting a direction on the Control Stick)

**UPDATE**After more Comparison between the 3DS Grey Nub C-Stick and with the Controller - I'd Say its almost Identical in Emulating the C-Stick (will only work on this game but still!)

[3DS][Tutorial] GlovePie Script "Majoras Mask 3D" Full Wiimote Controls + IR TouchScreen Control + Stream to TV with [Kit-kat & Input Redirecton]

Demo Video: If you don't feel like reading my ramblings: Full Majora's Mask 3D GlovePie Script is at the Bottom of the Post!
 If you can Improve on the Script please do! I am a GlovePie NOOB!

With the recent release of the Flagship Switch Title "Zelda: Breath of the Wild" and me currently needing money to purchase the WiiU version + a Capture card to Record it - I decided to break into two of my favourite Zelda games;