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Merry Christmas From GameInCanada

Merry Christmas! Hope you got everything you wanted. Much love and Holiday Greetings from Phillip and the GameInCanada Team

Nintendo Switches Latest Firmware Update - Version 4.0.0 - Removes All Code for Triggering NES Golf Emulator - "Flog" - Whats Nintendo Up to?

If you guys recall a few months after the Nintendo Switch was Released, This image of the NES game "Golf" Appeared on someones Switch after accidentally triggering it with a Joy-con Gesture.

Not only was this an epic, unexpected and still unexplained Easter Egg put into the Switches Code, but it also had 2 Player Joy-con Support Built in.

The Emulator can only work on an Unused Fresh Console, The Date and Time must be Set to July 11th, the Date of Iwata's Death.

"Some sort of Tribute to him," is all the hackers can speculate, especially without any official word from Nintendo yet.

Reggie: Head of NOA - Said that they wouldn't be explaining the emulator any time soon and that he was a little discouraged that the Hackers found it so quickly while "poking around in the firmware"

Flash Forward to December 2017, a New Firmware for the Switch is released, Version 4.0.0, and in this version, ALL MENTION OF FLOG IS GONE!

What Could Nintendo Be Up too? Did…

We Hit 10 000 Subscribers on Youtube! Thank You Everyone!

Yesterday we hit a Milestone for Youtube, 10000 Subscribers, I couldn't have gotten so far without all of you guys supporting me.
Lets get to 100 000!

@GameInCanada You did it! Congrats! — Gulius (@_Gulius_) November 23, 2017

[Mobile][News] Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Released 1 Day Early on Google Play Store or IOS App Store! - But w/ Server Connection Issues (802-XXXX) First Impressions

I’m so excited to share this news with you… Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be coming to mobile devices worldwide on 11/22! I can’t wait! — Isabelle (@animalcrossing) November 20, 2017

Earlier YesterdayIsabelle posted on Twitter that Nintendo's new Mobile Installment of Animal Crossing would be released in 2 days...Well its been 1 Day an the App is already available on the Google Play store & the IOS App Store.

The Game is Fully Playable as is, but there is some Massive Server Issues - where you have to mash the retry button 100 times before it will finally connect to the Servers.

These Error codes Always Start with:

- "802" Followed by 4 random numbers that seem to interchange with no meaning

 I am hoping there will be a quick fix to these issues as tons of players are already reporting multiple error codes that seemingly don't mean anything.

You can Link an existing Nintendo Account to the Game, and it will save your prog…

[Gaming][News] Pokemon Bank & Poke Transporter have an Update to Support the New PKMN Games (Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, Silver & Gold VC)

Nintendo Recently stated that Pokemon Bank would be getting an update to support the new "Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Games"in Late November.

Well as of an hour ago (Nov. 19th @ 10pm EST ) Pokemon Bank & Poke Transporter received a very significant update allowing just that.

You can now Transfer your Mons from Any Game on the 3DS

CFW users could already do this for along time using PKhex and PKSM (download below)
► PKHex:
But not the mainstream 3DS users can easily do it as well.
Its great to see Nintendo supporting the 3DS so Late into 2017, with an Epic Pokemon Release, and continual Poke Bank Support. 
I believe the 3DS is going to hold a Place in the "Nintendo Elite Handhelds" category for a long time to come right there next to the Nintendo Switch.
If you guys want a Tutorial on how to Use PKSM and PKhex to get pokemon from:
- Physical Gameboy/GBC Carts - DS Games 3DS Games - VC Games and More;
then Follow me ove…

[3DS][News] "Pokemon Ultra Moon CIA" leaked 10 days early Again - Another Banwave Incomming? + Datamining & Spoilers begin on Twitter

Pokemon fans have been quite adamant about avoiding spoilers for the new installments in the series, but that hasn't stopped dataminers from collecting all they can and definitely hasnt stopped Nintendo from releasing Spoiler after Spoiler!

How to Download & Safely Play:
ULTRA MOON CIA Early Without getting Banned:

If you're trying to avoid spoilers until the official release date of US/UM then youll definitely want to stay off of Reddit/r/pokemon
Hacker/Dataminer @SciresM over on twitter is dropping post after post, documenting changes and new features/ pokemon in US/UM.

[3DS][PSA] Nintendo Releases 11.6 Update - Is it safe to Update with Custom firmware? is it safe to Update with Homebrew? + Flipnote Studio 3DS Gets eShop Update

This Article is a Written Version of this Video:

Today Nintendo Released an update to the Nintendo 3DS Line of Handheld video game systems.

Heres Nintendo Official Statement:

The 11.6 update was noticed 3 hours (5pm EST) before release (8pm) by Yellows8Bot's Twitter account which you can see here:
Sysupdate detected for Old3DS: — ylws8bot (@ylws8bot) September 19, 2017
Sysupdate detected for New3DS: — ylws8bot (@ylws8bot) September 19, 2017
Currently this is what is known about the 11.6 Update & how it Effects Luma 3DS Users:

As you can see nothing is Really affected by this 11.6 update

IF you are on 11.5 with Homebrew or CFW you are SAFE TO UPDATE BUT I DON'T RECOMMEND IT YET!
Nothing will happen to your homebrew or CFW but not everything is known about this update yet!
Keep an eye on these Threads to learn more:

Flipnote Studio…

[WiiU][Tutorial][#9] How to Inject Wii ISO's & wbfs Game Rips - into Wii U Virtual Console Games - You Can Install With WUPInstaller GX2!

This Tutorial is a Written Version of This Video:

Created for this GBATemp Thread: "WiiVC Injector Script"

What Following this Tutorial will let you Accomplish: 
Inject Wii ISO's or WBFS Rips Into Virtual Console Games (install-able with WUPInstaller)Play "Classic Controller" Compatible Wii Games withthe Wii U GamepadClassic Controller Compatible Game List here:

WiiU][Tutorial][#9] How to Inject Wii ISO's & wbfs Game Rips - into Wii U Virtual Console Games PT2

Part 2 - Injecting Wii ISO's Into VC

WiiU][Tutorial][#9] How to Inject Wii ISO's & wbfs Game Rips - into Wii U Virtual Console Games PT3

Part 3 - Installing WiiVC Games with WUP Installer GX2

[3DS][News][Tutorial] Anemone "Anemone - 3DS Theme Manager" - First Look - Can it Dethrone Themely? - Kill CHMM2?

Recently a New Theme Manager for the Nintendo 3DS appeared on the homebrew scene.

 It may or may not work on Homebrew at the moment,
(it should but the payloads might not allow it to boot on 11.5 userland)
but is quickly making a name for itself with CFW users
Right off the bat, forums goers were quickly speculating, that with a few updates,this could be the theme manager to De-throne Themely& Kill off CHMM2 once and for all. 

The Creator of Anemone is none other then dev "astronautlevel", currently known for one of the Rosalina-lessLuma 3DS CFW projects. 
(I use these builds everyday dual booted with the normal 8.1.1) Check that project out here:

Anemone Screenshots: 

As you can see from the screen shots, it has a fairly simple and clean User Interface.

I think it has a lot of potential to become "prettier" in the future (like themely being "beautiful") but I really do enjoy it perfectly as it currently is.


[3DS][News] Smea Released 11.4 & 11.5 Payloads for o3DS & 2DS - and RPGHax is almost ready to download!

Today is a some big news for 2DS and old 3DS users, as smea as now released the 11.4 and 11.5 homebrew launcher payloads.

This release perfectly coincides with mrnbayoh's release of RPGhax which should be coming soon! (the next day or two)

RPGHax is a Primary entrypoint which means you only need 1 stock 3DS to get it!

other Primary Entry points for 11.5 Include:

Some Seconday Entry points are:


You can get the New Payloads here: 
Make sure to Download RPG FES Player for FREE from the eShop to Prepare you for RPGhax!

[WiiU][PSA] Nintendo Releases "5.5.2 Firmware Update" - 1.5 Years after "5.5.1"

Today Nintendo did the unthinkable and updated the WiiU with a firmware update 5.5.2.


Turn off your Wifi before turning on your system if you aren't sure you Blocked Nintendo!

 Follow These Links to Block Nintendo on your WiiU
- How to Change DNS:
- How to Block Tendy on your Router:

[3DS][News] NINTENDO RELEASES 11.5.0-38 & no one can figure out what it did - Smea Already Releases 11.5 *hax Payloads - NOTHING BROKEN FOR CFW USERS!

Today around 8-9 pm I received a tweet on my phone from Smea & Yellows8' Twitter Bot. These Tweets were directing my attention to the Fact that Nintendo Released a "New 11.5 Update" for the Nintendo n3DS, o3DS & 2DS.

Right off the bat I was a bit worried but as it turns out:

- If you have Luma CFW and Boot9Strap it is SAFE TO UPDATE TO 11.5.0
(make a nand backup if you don't have one first! -->HOW TO MAKE A NAND BACKUP<--)

- Everything Rosalina Related still works fine!

- Kernel Exploits for the 3DS "end of life" were not patched on 11.5
( These are soft-mods for the future after nintendo drops support for the 3DS)

- Smea Already Updated the Payloads before I even got Home - Unfortunately the o3DS and 2DS still aren't able to use Homebrew on Userland Devices (non-cfw)

These *hax Payloads don't matter if you have Luma CFW on 8.0 or Higher:
- CFW users use the "Boot.3dsx" File on the root of your SD Card to launch homebrew (don&…

[3DS][News][08-27-2017] As suspected "arm9 and kernal 11 exploits" are still abundant on 11.4 - Smea Tweets "Waiting for Tendy to Stop Supporting the 3DS" - Does this mean Years until Softmodding 11.4? Twitter A-blaze

Yesterday Smea confirmed in a Tweet - what we thought was true all along - that devs were holding out on Releasing kernal exploits for Nintendo 3DS' on 11.4 Firmware.

This might come as a suprise to some, but much speculation was done regarding when a new exploit would be released for 11.4.
Some thought maybe an 11.5 update would accompany the new2dsxl, but the device has  since been released in Australia & New Zealand for almost a month now & its confirmed to be on 11.4.0 This gave us a little sigh of relief as DSiwarehax and ntrboothax still work on the n2dsxl 

- meaning that we will always be able to CFW those devices in those aspects (until dsiware isn't available)
Shortly after this news of dsiware and ntrboothax not being patched on 2dsxl, Nintendo released this statement- 
(original article by View it here: IG…

Nintendo DMCA's Every Mainstream Rom and ISO from a Popular Backup Website (Mario,Pokemon,Fire Emblem, Megaman, Kirby) + MH:XX JPN Disappears from the titlekey site

If you've been on emuparadise lately, you might have noticed messages like this under every mainstream title Nintendo owns, 
It turns out Nintendo has DMCA'd a bunch of older Generation Consoles/Handheld Games Removing Entire Series' like:

What could this possibly mean? 
Well other then us not being able to get all the games we know and love easily in backup form.  It might mean that Nintendo is gearing up for a Massive Release on the Nintendo eShop, both for Switch and 3DS - to hopefully attract buyers to the n2dsxl.
This would also make sense with Monster Hunter Double Cross being removed from the Title keys websites, and with its Release scheduled for America, maybe Nintendo is getting rid of all traces of the games it wants people to legally acquire.
Update on MH:XX-  (I've been informed of transfering all your save data over to the USA Version when its released IS POSSIBLE - so maybe Nintendo wants to Prevent that as well.
This do…

[3DS][Release] kit-kat-touch v1.1.0 - Added Luma 8.0 Gamepad Support (Rosalina menu) - added Virtrite & Joy2Key Launch Buttons

Click the kit-kat-touch v1.1.0 Tab at the top of the Page to Learn more


Hopefully Youtubes Monkey's un-delete my video soon.. if not here it is. I'm making near no money by posting this here so think about donating please, even just a Dollar. Cheers

Donate Here:

Sorry It's kind of Blurry, I could only grab a 360p version from the cache, I hope its good enough. Sorry Again Guys.


Links: - Click here if you dont have b9s yet - Follow Along with the Video - InputRedirection

[3DS][News][Release] Luma3DS v8.0 - Introducing "InputRedirect Support" (now with C-STICK!) - Homebrew Launcher Support (no payloads) - Built In "NTR Like" Menu Dubbed "Rosalina"

Luma 3DS was just updated to go along with boot9strap v1.2 - there isn't a ton of technical features worth mentioning, but many new things implemented for the Daily User. Such as:

Built In Input Redirection Support - just from having Luma Running - no more InputProc.cia
The amazing thing about this is that InputRedirectionClient now support C-STICK Functionality as well as the Extra ZR and ZL Buttons (this new feature only works on new3DS)

There is also:

Built in Home Built in Power Button 
Both implemented into the User Interface!
Pretty cool stuff we are now on the verge of fully controlling the 3DS with a Xinput Controller!

[3DS][News][05-30-2017] SciresM just Uploaded an 3DS Unbricking Video - using only a DS Flashcart - Custom Firmware on ANY Device soon?

Earlier Today SciresM tried out a NTR Custom Firmware Flashcart with Boot9Strap on it - Created by Normmatt
To unbrick a Nintendo 3DS
Proof of Concept Video here:

The reason this is possible was revealed by SciresM in a boot9strap/sighax Slideshow.

View the Slideshow: here
Near the end of the slideshow there were two slides (pictured above) pertaining to that fact that: - A certain button combination being Pressed while the lid is closed  - Allows NTR Cartridge Bootingbefore the bootrom.
(Select + Start + X + Magnet on B button + Power = CFW)
This means for almost a year we could have Had Custom Fimware with Widely Available Flashcarts - on ANY FIRMWARE VERSION (had the bootrom been released when dumped)
It's speculated that this was likely so nintendo could easily write NANDs and unbrick consoles themselves super easily, almost like a failsafe.
Since you need to spoof the lid being closed with a magnet - no one would have ever tried these button combinations to Boot from the Cart S…